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  Los Angeles & Ventura County Criminal Defense Attorney

CRIMINAL DEFENSE GOALS: Dismissal, Avoid Jail, Reduce Charges

If these are your goals:

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Attorney Jennifer Monroe can help:
Whether You Did it or Not!

Jennifer Monroe cares about her clients and their futures.
Let her help you get back on the right track.


Are you or a loved one facing criminal charges? Do you need help defending a criminal case?
Attorney Jennifer Monroe understands that being suspected and charged with a crime can be very scary. She is standing by to assist you during this difficult time in your life. She will fight to protect your rights and get your case dismissed or reduced. Her years of experience in the criminal justice system has taught her that good people can sometimes make a mistake or be falsely accused of a crime.

Attorney Jennifer Monroe is an experienced and aggressive criminal defense attorney that helps clients charged with crimes throughout Los Angeles and Ventura County. Jennifer Monroe is a former prosecutor and now practices Exclusively Criminal Defense. Jennifer Monroe puts her 15 years of experience in criminal law to work for you. She gives each client individualized attention and has successfully sought to have cases reduced and dismissed. Go to Results for more information on how she has helped past clients and negotiated reduced charges and dismissals.

From her vast experience as a prosecutor and criminal defense attorney, Jennifer Monroe knows what the prosecution has to prove, and can determine the prosecution's weakness or proof problems with your case. And more importantly, she knows how to negotiate the best possible outcome for you. In most cases she can go to court for you if you are too scared, embarrassed, or busy to attend.

Let Jennifer Monroe put her background, training, and experience to work for you. She is available day or night to help you with your criminal defense case. She strives to efficiently and effectively help you with your legal needs, and exceed your expectations by promising to:

    • Return your calls
    • Keep you informed
    • Fight to protect your rights
    • Explain the criminal process to you
    • Represent you during all stages of prosecution
    • Obtain the best possible results

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