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Burbank Criminal Defense Attorney

Former Burbank City Attorney


About the Burbank Courthouse

The Burbank Courthouse is located at 300 East Olive, Burbank, CA 91502.  There are 7 courtrooms in the Burbank Courthouse.  The Burbank Courthouse hears misdemeanor and felony cases prosecuted by the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office and the Burbank City Attorney's Office.  Traffic tickets from the surrounding cities and civil cases are also heard at the Burbank courthouse. 

Do You Have a Criminal Case Against You in the Burbank Courthouse?

If you have received a notice to appear or have a warrant for your arrest in the Burbank Courthouse of Los Angeles County you need an experienced criminal defense attorney to defend you.

Burbank Criminal Defense Attorney Jennifer Monroe has defended clients charged with criminal misdemeanor and felony cases throughout Los Angeles.  As a former Burbank City Attorney, Jennifer Monroe, has vast experience defending Burbank criminal cases and uses her specialized knowledge of Burbank to achieve positive results.  She will meet with you to discuss the case against you, your defenses, your background, and how she can help you get the results you are looking for in your Burbank Criminal case.  Below are just a few examples of how Jennifer Monroe has helped her clients facing criminal charges in the Burbank Courthouse get their cases dismissed and reduced.

Burbank Courthouse Case Results

ASSUALT WITH A DEADLY WEAPON California Penal Code 245 pc in Burbank

Client was charged with assault with a deadly weapon by trying to run someone over.  If convicted the client would likely be sent to jail and lose his driver's license forever.  Attorney Jennifer Monroe conducted a complete defense investigation and negotiated the charge down to disturbing the peace (one of the lowest misdemeanors available).  The client was placed on diversion for disturbing the peace and after he completed anger management classes the case was dismissed. 

DRIVING UNDER THE INFLUENCE California Vehicle Code 23152 vc in Burbank

Client was facing 90 days in jail for her second time DUI out of Burbank.  She was on probation out of Burbank for the first still, had over .20 BAC in both DUI's and caused an accident in the second DUI.  Burbank DUI Defense Attorney Jennifer Monroe  negotiated alcohol treatment/rehab and community service in lieu of jail.

Another client was facing 60 days in jail for her second time DUI out of Burbank.  She was on probation out of Burbank for the first still, had over a .15 BAC in both DUI's and was driving erratically in the second DUI.  Burbank DUI Defense Attorney Jennifer Monroe negotiated NO JAIL, just an alcohol school and fine after impeaching the arresting officer at the DMV hearing for all the lies he put in his police report and his poor investigation.

See Results for more examples of how Jennifer Monroe has helped defend her clients.

Burbank Criminal Defense Attorney

Call Jennifer Monroe directly at (805) 501-1880 for immediate assistance with your Burbank criminal case.

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